Overzicht Army Publications

1. Infantry Drill Regulation - I. Basic information, definitions, processes

2. Infantry Drill Regulation - II. The Soldier without Arms

3. Infantry Drill Regulation - III. The Soldier with Arms

4. Infantry Drill Regulation - IV. Drill for Foot Troops

5. When to Salute

6. Manual of the Color and Standard

7. Manual of the Guidon


WWII Field & Technical Manuals

There are a lot of WWII manuals. Here a selection...

a must for every re-enactor to take a look at!!

FM 21-100 Basic Field Manual, Soldier's Handbook ...

a must for every parachute infantry re-enactor to take a look at!!

FM 31-30 Basic Field Manual, Tactics and Technique of Air-borne Troops

Weapon related,


    the U.S. Rifle M1, FM 23-5
    the U.S. Carbine M1, FM 23-7
    the U.S. Pistol M1911(A1), FM 23-35